Equipped to Provide Test Plots to Your Exact Specification

With 550 acres dedicated to research, Gray Research Production manages more than 20,000 research and development plots each season.
Gray Research Production is located in Central Illinois, one of the top corn-producing states in the U.S. Our highly fertile Pella soil—silty clay loam—creates the ideal laboratory for corn and soybean production research. We invest in the best equipment and maintain it to exacting standards to deliver high-quality data and successful projects.

Seed Bank Inventory

Cold Storage

Isolation Protocols

Dedicated Clean Room

Privacy Protocols

Restricted Areas

Barcode Tracking

Rows & Seed Packets

Research Combine

John Deere 9500

Precision Planter

Almaco SeedPro 360

Female Row Detasseler

Hagie 8200

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