We’re bridging the gap

between production farmers working the fields, and molecular breeders working in labs.

By focusing on what we call modern-traditional breeding programs, we’re producing a new wave of highly diverse, robust, and high-yielding hybrids & inbreds.

Think of us as science-farmers.

Confidentiality and integrity

define our research practices and our customer relationships.

Beginning Fall 2017

To better serve our growing roster of local, regional, national and international customers committed to traditional, non-GMO hybrids and inbreds, Gray Research Production has discontinued all USDA Regulated crop management services.

We’re really gonna miss all our “regulated” customers, but we sure won’t miss all that government paperwork!


At Last, Summer!


Long, hot, sunny days with plenty of soaking rains,

and greenfields of young corn in all directions, as far as the eye can see.


 What a great time to be growing together!

Thank you.

Updated Weather Station

Our on-site weather station allows us to monitor, collect and analyze more detailed weather data for research and production fields. When it rains it pours data, too.

Enhanced Equipment

Custom seven-row harvester, detasseling machines, and hydraulic dump carts. Yes, we do like the tools of our trade. Did we mention our new, autonomous self-driving tractor…NOT!

High-Flow Processing

We’ve fine-tuned our twelve-lane husking bed with high-speed sorting tables and high-capacity dryers. Don’t you just love the smell of corn drying in the morning!

High-Tech Seed Storage

Soon our custom-designed, two thousand-bushel, high-tech seed storage systems will be full to the brim. Like they say, you can never have too much storage.

Learn more about our long-range breeding programs, and large-scale production services.